Differences Between CBD Oil and CBD Lotion

We have already described in several articles that the cannabinoid CBD (cannabidiol) has many valuable properties. But there are countless types of CBD products in the booming market. Alone in the dosage form. There are CBD oil, CBD lotion, CBD capsules, CBD crystals, CBD e-liquids and of course many more products. Somehow clear that there must be serious differences, right?

To anticipate the answer: yes, there are big differences. And not only in the outer shape of the products.

Differences between cbd oil and cbd lotion

CBD oil
It is one of the most widespread Cannabidiol administration formats thanks mainly to its purity and simplicity of use that does not imply the use of other accessories or complements or any type of combustion

We can find it with different types of dispenser, among which the dropper and the spray stand out, both for sublingual application. We can also find some oil that can be mixed with food for ingestion. There are manufacturers that apply flavors to CBD oil to make their intake more pleasant, although the original flavor is not especially bad if we compare it with many other medicines. All manufacturers advise shaking well before administration.

There are many manufacturers who already market these oils and we can find them in different concentrations. On our website you have available concentrations ranging from 1.8% to 24%. The higher the concentration of CBD, the higher the price.

The manufacturers usually indicate an approximate dose for its consumption, normally indicated in drops or ml, although we will be what we have to adjust that dose by means of the tests. We will always start with the minimum amount and we will increase until we find the right dose.

These are some of the uses that Cannabidiol Oil can have: Fibromyalgia, vomiting, side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, stress, anxiety, insomnia, anorexia, rheumatism, arthritis, muscle pain, etc.

The oils sold here comply with current legislation and its percentage of THC does not exceed 0.2%. In addition, on the websites of the manufacturers you can find their analyzes and certifications

CBD lotion
The CBD lotions are entering the market with great force and are being a real revolution. We can find lotions, ointments or lotions for infinity of ailments thanks especially to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect

The lotions are usually aimed at a less extensive medical sector because of its administration form is especially useful in treatments for skin diseases and pain of various kinds. Among the ailments that we can treat we highlight the following: Acne, dermatitis, psoriasis, itching, chronic pain, arthritis, etc.

Cannabidiol lotions or ointments are made by infusing CBD into balsamic compounds or ointments. Much of this is based on ease of use since we only have to apply it in the area to be treated by gently massaging in a circular way. Its action is located only in the treated point, avoiding in this way that the CBD reaches other parts of the body where it is not necessary

They are free of THC and we can locate the certifications that show it on the manufacturers’ pages

Vaporizers and liquid CBD
We all know that the electronic cigarette took its fleeting glory time until it almost fell into disuse. Since the appearance of the CBD this is beginning to change and the demand for devices that allow vaporizing the CBD is increasing markedly.

Different models of vaporizers and electronic cigarettes designed for the consumption of CBD without any type of combustion already exist in the market.

The e-cigarettes are one of the most effective ways of consumption Cannabidiol administration being absorbed better and more quickly than when ingested by other routes. It’s like the usual electronic cigarette, but for CBD we can get it in small bottles available in different flavors that even refer to known varieties of marijuana.

As in the oils, CBD e-liquid is sold in different concentrations and the dosage in this case is to the consumer’s liking. As the effect is more immediate we can observe very quickly also the reaction of our organism. In any case, it is advisable to gradually increase the consumption until reaching the appropriate dose and make a first consumption of test at reduced doses.

They lack THC and have their certifications available on the manufacturers’ pages

Other forms of Cannabidiol administration
– Hygiene

– Infusions

– Cosmetics

– Hash

– Capsules

– Marijuana seeds with high CBD content. They are not a route of administration, but they give us the opportunity to grow our own medicinal herb to consume it or transform it to our liking.